Technologies used

Web API MVC Web Forms C#

Originally I started with Classic ASP. This evolved to using ASP.NET (C#) for Web Forms, MVC and Web API 2. I had coded in JSP(Java Server Pages) which helped pickup C#.

Further examples of how I have used this technology can be seen in the work section.

This site uses MVC .NET Core 3.1 .

JavaScript jQuery

I can program vanilla JavaScript or use frameworks such as jQuery. I can leverage JavaScript libraries to develop games or interactive experiences. Please browse the creative code section for some examples.

I'm currently developing a canvas game to help children learn maths using ES6 and NPM.

HTML CSS Bootstrap

I develop responsive user interfaces which works across all modern browsers at all resolutions. In addition to using HTML5 or CSS3, I can also target legacy browsers too. This is useful when considering the WinForms Web Browser control is based on Internet Explorer 7.

I've plenty of experience with HTML and CSS. I often use Sassy Cascaded Style Sheets (SCSS) where appropriate.

Microsoft SQL Server

I've been using MS SQL Server since version 6.5 on Windows NT 4 Servers. Depending on your requirements, I can use LINQ or Stored Procedures.

This knowledge has been useful for MySQL development too.

Although the technologies shown above being most frequent ones I use, I have also developed in many legacy technologies too, such as Adobe Flash and Classic ASP. Despite their demise, the development principles involved are still relevant today.