Creative JavaScript Code

These creative JavaScript experiments are using the latest browser standards, so require an Evergreen Browser (Edge, Chrome Firefox etc...).

Although I mostly develop in ASP.NET, I can also create JavaScript games and interactive experiences. These do require the latest browsers as these experiments adhere to the latest standards. For some experiments you may need a camera and a microphone.These use the HTML5 canvas element.

doodle on 3d ball

Footy Doodle

This experiment uses the three.js JavaScript library.

Initially you will see a blank 3D ball, which I created using Blender. Just click on the "Draw on ball" button to draw and add your sketch dynamically to the ball.

Sketch away

digitised effect on photos


An experiment using the p5.js JavaScript library.

You are able to change the rate and number of sides for the shape generated. The shapes towards the centre are purposely smaller.
If you enable your camera in the browser, you can even fractulate yourself!

Go fractulate

bubbles blown into 3d scenes

Bubble Puff

Enable your microphone and blow into it or just play some music. Click (or touch) and drag the scene to blow bubbles all around you. This experiment uses the three.js library.

Blow some bubbles

3D pixel soccer game in the office

Office Footy

A game I built in ActionScript/Flash for a marketing campaign. I later ported this to JavaScript using an early version of Easel.js. Originally, it allowed players to post scores using social media.

Was not developed for mobile.

Play Office Footy